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Selling a house under pressure is not easy... Listing the home with a real estate agent can lead to a long waiting period, strangers coming through your house all the time, and high commissions fees. You may have to deal with expensive repairs, and confusing paperwork. Even worse, if you have little or no equity in the home,you may be the one writing a check on closing day.
We buy houses in San Diego County from people in situations just like yours! We can help you even if you are already in foreclosure and even if you have little or no equity!
- We close QUICKLY- with CASH
- No commission fees
- We take care of needed repairs
- We take care of paperwork at no additional cost to you
- We buy houses in any price range.
- We work with you to find a solution to your real estate problems.


Job transfers, foreclosure, liens, expired
listings, behind on payments, divorce, double payments, 100% financed,..
There are many reasons why you may need to sell your house FAST, The scenarios above are common problems that happen to ordinary people every day.

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