"When I think of Thom Gilbert, a number of words flood into my brain.  Tenacity. Diligence. Persistence. Courage. Strength.

When I think of his accomplishments, these words come:
Inspirational. Unfathomable. Unlimited.

If you have the opportunity to meet and work with Thom in any way, your life will be blessed."

Gena and John Horiatis

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"As a Realtor and Property Manager in Merced, I have had the pleasure of working with TLC Investment Properties. I've worked with them on Real Estate transactions as well as managing multiple rental properties for them.

This company truly cares about how they do business and really aim to give back to the community. Their focus, from my perspective, has been to go into neighborhoods that truly need help. They find homes that are in disrepair and eyesores, furthering the areas blight. TLC Investment Properties makes it their personal mission to purchase these home, completely gut and refurbish them to high quality standards and make them very nice, low cost livable housing. This in turn rejuvenates the neighborhoods and makes people want to live there and take pride of their surroundings. TLC Investment Properties work with a variety of Non-Profit Agencies that aide the homeless, relocates Veterans and people in need of housing. Their positive spirit and can do/ will do attitude makes them shine above their competitors. I truly believe in their efforts and look forward to be involved in their next rehab project."

Stephanie Jaurique

"Merced is a great place to invest! With the growing UC, it makes for a perfect place to own rental property!"

 Carrie Brown

"Thom and Lisa have built a solid real estate business. Their business is based on strong business principles and excellent work ethic. Not only that they've backed every deal with integrity and passion to be the best in every way. We're so happy to have had the opportunity to meet and work with this Amazing Team." 

Chip and Andrea Wuele.


"Thom Gilbert is a true professional, an expert in networking, as well as a hardworking businessman. His knowledge in the area of real estate investments is very impressive. I’m sure everyone who knows Thom will agree with me that he's a great resource to have in their professional network.  I enjoy brain-storming new & creative ideas with Thom, and I look forward to continuing a long-lasting business relationship with him."
Jason Collins